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Latest News In & Around SEAPI...

SEAPI Church Visiting Project

April 10, 2019

Guided by our shared desire to revive and restrengthen our multi-ethnic group of Southeast Asian and Pacific Islands CRCs, we plan to visit all of our churches in the next few months. Our goal is to find out what's happening in each church and determine needs and opportunities towards renewed church health and growth. Only then would we be able to embark on ministry support partnerships that effectively address individual church situations and collectively as a group. Not only do we hope to strengthen our fellowship and partnership with a SEAPI church but equally important is our relationships with the calling churches, mentors, classis and Resonate regional and local leaders. The church visiting process we will do basically follows the procedures and guidelines in the Church Order. To be able to implement this project, we formally submitted a proposal requesting support from the CRC's Ethnic Diversity and Functional Team (EDFT). Out of this church visiting project, SEAPI plans to hold a "revival or renewal retreat" in late November. See on this map where SEAPI CRCs are currently located. Read the proposal here.

SEAPI Leaders Attend Glocal Mission Summit

April 1-4, 2019

Los Angeles, CA

Held at the Ttokamsa Korean CRC in downtown Los Angeles April 1-3, a group of SEAPI pastors joined some 100 participants from the US, Canada, Asia, Middle East, Central and South America. We heard, discussed, and learned from a variety of innovative and nontraditional missional projects that Resonate Global Mission is supporting and partnering with. We also had lots of times for worship, praying for one another, and opportunities for ministry networking and developing new partnerships. After the Summit, a separate vision/mission setting workshop was convened by Resonate staff for leaders representing these ethnic groups in the CRC Black Reformed, Native Americans, East- Meets West/Chinese, Koreans, Consejo Latino, and SEAPI. SEAPI was represented by Pastors Fatu Auau, Julius Umawing, Matthew Le, Sophat Duch, Lee Khang, and Fernando del Rosario. 

New SEAPI Website Live!  

March 1, 2019, our new website is live! Not 100% complete yet, with a few more pages still as placeholders and waiting to be filled. In the coming months, this will still be a work in progress as we drum up contributions from our SEAPI churches. Our goal is to go to one website to view, be updated, and eventually be encouraged by what God is doing in our churches. Coupled with our church visiting project, the website will serve as one of a few tools to help renew and revive our multi-ethnic group of churches and leaders. At this time, our other ongoing partner groups represent the young generation, namely CLAY (Christ-Like Asian Youth) and SEED (South East Ethnic Discipleship).   

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